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Juliafoto.it, owned by Marina Cotugno, respects the visitors’ privacy and protects their personal data, according to the following Privacy Policy and to the current regulations. Generally, you can browse through this website without giving any type of personal information.

Personal Data

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual, company or institution. You can browse through juliafoto.it anonymously because it doesn’t collect automatically the visitor’s data. The website keeps log of the visitor’s IP address (that is a numerical label assigned to each computer connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol) to know date and time of the visit and pageviews, under the current General Data Protection Regulation. Anyway, juliafoto.it doesn’t relate an IP address to other data that can identify a visitor. Like many other websites that offer services juliafoto.it can use small data files called cookies to remember users’ actions and preferences. To know more please view the Cookie section of the website.

Underage users and privacy

Browsing through juliafoto.it is safe for underage users. This website has cultural contents and can be used for educational purposes. So it doesn’t have an age verification form.

Third-party websites

Juliafoto.it contains links to other websites belonging to and operated by third parties. By making these links available we are not endorsing third-party websites, their contents, products, services or owners and we are not liable for their GDPR policy. Please make sure to visit their privacy pages to know how they handle your personal data.

Privacy policy changes

Juliafoto.it may modify its privacy policy from time to time according to new laws and regulations. If the changes alter substantially the handling of personal data, a specific communication will be released on this page of the website.

Suggestions and inquiries

If you have any doubt about the collection, usage, handling, communication or dissemination of your personal data, you can email privacy@juliafoto.it